Village Beach Festival

Saturday 16th June and we were part of the Thames Delta stage at The Village Beach Festival.


This is the second year Village Beach was held, a free festival that celebrates all forms of art in the area.

Huge “paint off” competitions, cultural demonstrations from a Capoeira group, and lots of music. As the little sister to The Village Green Festival, it is a great place to see a wide range of artists from the area, so we were very pleased to be asked to be part of it.

The Thames Delta team run a number of events in Essex, from open mic nights to things of this size, always with an emphasis on promoting local live music; just looking at the line up proved it was not about genre, but about good acts getting a platform to show what they can do.

As always, BTD turned up early to watch the final touches of the whole site been finalised. The sun was already beating down on us, so we decided to take it as an opportunity to find a corner of the field to sit and play a few tunes to get us in the mood. As the festival opened and families started to fill the space we settled in to the tent to watch some acts, the fabulous folky tunes of Matt Tubey and the fun times blues of WhateverNext were both setting the standard early.

As we got on the stage the heat started to rise and we were dehydrating before we'd even started to sing. The time passed like the blink of an eye and minus a quick microphone change mid set, things went well.

Watching live music is just as inspiring as playing is for us, and today was no different. Some of the best and brightest were playing on one of the stages and getting to see Tall Tree Tales, Chay Appleyard, Queensburys, and Bridge favourite Lee Sargent made for an exceptional day.

 Checking the levels

Checking the levels

Sitting in the sun, hanging out with some of the other artists, we lamented at what a positive place The Village Beach Festival was that day. The park probably had not seen so many people using it all at once since last year and how great it was that a group like Bridge The Dark could share a bill with such a diverse and talented line up all based so close to each other. It goes to show that good live music is alive and well in Essex.

All in all a great day for live music, for art and for all of us.

Thank you to all that came to see us, Dorian and the sound crew at the Thames Delta Stage, Wagtail Productions for the photo's and the to the other bands we got to hang out with.

Looking forward to Village Beach 2017!